Owl-Tenquille Traverse

The Vitals Date: August 13-15, 2022 Location: near Pemberton, BC Distance: ~45 km Partners: Scott The Trip Day 1 The last trip Scott and I did was to White Lakes last summer where the distance covered was very short but the bushwhacking was second-to-none. This year we picked an established route in the form of […]

Clinton Bike Rides

The Vitals Date: July 1-3, 2022 Location: Clinton, BC Distance: ~150 km in 1 long and two short rides Partners: Brittany, Will, and Anne Photos: Brittany The Trip Day 1 We drove to Clinton via Hope on Hwy 1 and then north through the Fraser Canyon. We passed by the town of Lytton which was […]

Sechelt Inlet Kayaking

The Vitals Date: September 3 – 6, 2021 Location: Sechelt Inlet Partners: Brittany, Will, Anne, Alex, Nikki, Christian, Nicole, Dawn, Matt Distance Paddled: ~50 km Photos: Brittany and Anne The Trip One of the last really big group camping trips Brittany and I went on was a kayaking trip in the Broken Islands. That trip […]

Place Glacier

The Vitals Date: July 31 – August 2, 2021 Location: Place Glacier Partners: Brittany, Will Bears: 1 Photos: Brittany The Trip I am getting a little older and a little less motivated and that’s okay. For the August long weekend I wanted to head north of Pemberton and scramble some or all of Beaujolais Peak, […]

White Lakes: The Path Less Travelled

The Vitals Date: July 24-25, 2021 Location: White Lakes near Pemberton, BC Distance: ~10 km Partners: Scott Photos: Scott The Trip White Lakes are a collection of four small lakes north of Saxifrage peak near Pemberton with no established trail. I knew the Spetch Creek FSR was in decent shape after scrambling Saxifrage and Cassiope […]

Névé Had I Évé

The Vitals Date: March 26-27, 2021 Location: Garibaldi Provincial Park, BC Distance: ~40 km, 1400+ meters Partners: Will, Dave, and Alex Resources: Exploring the Coast Mountains on Skis, Gaia GPS, map from the VOC The Trip Will referred to a traverse of the Garibaldi Neve as “a hole in my resume”, which is a good […]

The 1%

The Vitals Date: October 17, 2020 Location: Lower Mainland, BC Distance: 200.8 km, 880 m elevation Partner: Brittany The Trip One Saturday last October we left home around 10 a.m. to ride down to Point Roberts and make a small tour of that orphaned piece of Washington state. We added a little loop around Richmond […]

All Aboard: KVR and FSRs

The Vitals Date: August 9 – 10, 2020 Location: Coquihalla/Tulameen, BC Distance: ~105 km Partner: Brittany Resources: Strava route Photos: Brittany The Trip Brittany spent three quiet weeks this summer in a town of 250 people in northern BC but when she returned on a Saturday she was looking to get out and do something […]