Central Asian Bikepacking Summary

Riding Stats

  Overall Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Uzbekistan
Total km 2539 313 983 1183 60
Riding days 46 5 19 21 1
km/riding day 55.2 62.6 51.7 56.3 60
Total days 61 5 30 25 1
km/day 41.6 62.6 32.8 47.3 60
Days camping 33 5 12 16 0

Longest Day: 98 km (entering Dushanbe)

Shortest Day: 13 km (sick after Tash Rabat)

Mechanicals: 0. I had one puncture in my front tire that I know of which sealed instantly. Other than that, we cleaned our drivetrains every second or third day and lubricated most days (used a full bottle of Finish Line dry lube, onto a bottle of wet lube donated by some Lithuanians who were on their way home). I regreased my bottom bracket as best as possible twice (in Osh and Qal-ai Khumb) which relieved creaking but the non-drive side bearings are definitely stiff and rough. Brittany’s bottom bracket could not be disassembled and has been creaking for 1500 km. We will replace both bottom brackets in China and my rear tire (WTB Ranger 3″, Tough/Fast) which was new when we started. It is not completely dead but parts are hard to come by. I will continue to carry it as a spare tire which, up until now, we have not had. We are going to try a Schwalbe G-One Speed 2.35″ on my rear. If it performs well, we’ll replace the remaining three tires late in the year.


Spent approximately $3037 CAD on food, accommodation, visas, taxis, miscellaneous which is about $20.25/day/person (75 days).