SE Asia Riding Summary

Riding Stats

Total km1068.51202.5736992
Riding Days16181015
km/riding day66.766.873.666.1
Total days27302429
Days Camping2813
$/day (total 2 people)*31.0750.2590.92**40.65

*This is our cost of living (accommodation, food, entrance fees/entertainment, buses). Bike repairs, spare parts, flights are not included.

**We spent 10 days with friends staying in nicer places and eating much better food. The cost/day otherwise is similar to Laos.

Total km: 3999 km in 59 riding days (67.8 km/day average)

Longest Day: 127 km (Siem Reap to Anlong Veng). This ended up being the longest riding day of the entire year.

Shortest Day: 4.97 km (Laos – Don San to Don Det)

Mechanical Problems


  • Derailleur hanger was bent pretty much from the beginning. Could never find someone willing and able to fix it.
  • Rear rim cracked. Only discovered after we finished.


  • Three flats requiring intervention. One tire plug and extra sealant in the rear tire (twice) and the front tire (once). Numerous other flats that the tubeless sealant took care of.
  • Front hub serviced once with two cracked ball bearings replaced.
  • Rear hub serviced twice with cracked ball bearings. Rear wheel to be replaced.
  • Rear rim also cracked. Only discovered after we finished.
Plugging a Leak