New Zealand Riding Summary

Riding Stats

  • Total km: 3284
  • Riding Days: 48
  • km/riding day: 68.4
  • Total days: 60
  • km/day: 54.7
  • Nights Camping: 39
  • Nights through WarmShowers: 6
  • Nights in Huts: 1
  • Nights with Friends: 2
  • Nights in Hostels/Airbnb: 12
  • Longest Day: 117 km (Rawene to Dargaville, our sixth riding day in NZ)
  • Shortest Day: 30 km (Utea Park to Bluff Campground, our second riding day in NZ)
  • Cost of living: Somewhere around $40/person/day for all in-country costs (food, accommodation, transportation, entertainment). Does not include travel to NZ.

Mechanical Problems


  • Bottom bracket replaced in Auckland
  • Freehub driver wore out and was replaced in Rotorua
  • Misalignment of rear wheel fixed in Rotorua
  • Replaced chain in Nelson


  • One puncture required a plug on the second last day
  • One puncture from broken glass while loading the bike into the bus in Invercargill (after finishing tour). Sealed by the time we got off the bus in Dunedin
  • Replaced chain in Nelson
  • Serviced front hub in Wanaka
  • Replaced bottom bracket at end of tour
  • Rear rim has a few cracks at spokes again. Uh oh.
$5/pizza. Cheapest dinner in NZ.