Brew Hut

The Vitals Date: February 18-19, 2017 Location: Mt. Brew Partners: ET, Jan, Greg, Christian Distance: ~14 km, 1300 m gained one-way from parking lot at PMC Time: six hours up, relaxed paced Resources: VOC wiki Photos: Jan Laesecke The Trip This was a simple, quick jaunt up Mt. Brew to stay at the Varsity Outdoor Club’s […]

Mt. Outram

The Vitals Date: January 15, 2017 Location: Mt. Outram (just west of Manning Park) Partners: ET and Kenyon Distance: ~18 km (1800 m elevation gain, 2461 peak elevation) Time: six hours up, two down Resources: Exploring the Coast Mountains On Skis The Trip BC has been enjoying a prolonged cold spell which has kept snow […]

Remembrance Day in the Okanagan

The Vitals Dates: November 11-13, 2016 Location: Skaha Lake area Partners: Brittany, Christian, Eric T., Laura, Cirisse Distance: ~90 km biked Time: Not an issue Resources: Kettle Valley Railway, Okanagan-Similkameen cycling routes, Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park Photos: Brittany and me The Trip It’s shoulder season in BC with rain in the valleys and too thin of a snowpack (where […]

Mountain Lake Hut

The Vitals Dates: October 9-10, 2016 Location: Brittania Beach, BC Partners: Brittany Distance: ~38 km (2400 m elevation gain) Time: Easy Weekend Resources: Rich So’s blog, VOC forum, trailpeak Photos: Brittany, except when she is the subject The Trip Thanksgiving weekend was forecast to be pretty bleak in terms of weather, but once it came around […]

Eaton Lake

The Vitals Dates: October 1, 2016 Location: South of Hope, BC Partners: Brittany, Christian, Riley, Dave, AT Distance: ~4 km one way (900 meters gained) Time: Short Day Resources: 103 Hikes in Southwestern British Columbia The Trip The reputation online is that this is a tough day hike – just check out the graffiti on […]

South Twin Sister

The Vitals Dates: September 10 – 11, 2016 Location: Twin Sister Range near Welcome, WA Partners: Brittany Distance: ~18 km bike (700 m elevation gain), ~12 km hike (1350 m elevation gain) Time: ~7.5 hours moving time Resources: Matt Gunn’s Scrambles in Southwest British Columbia and Summit Post (up to date at time of writing) The Trip […]

Mt. Robie Reid

The Vitals Dates: August 27 – 28, 2016 Location: North end of Alouette Lake Partners: Christian and Riley Distance: ~30 km, 3100 m elevation gain Time: ~15 hours total moving time GPS Tracks: see below The Trip The first mention of Robie Reid in my email is in September 2014, where an email faff organizing […]

Alcoholic Traverse

The Vitals Dates: August 4 – 7, 2016 Location: Squamish/Whistler, BC Partners: Brittany Distance: ~40 km hiked, 7 km hitchhiked, ~3900 m elevation gain Time: Loooonnnnngggg Photos: Brittany The Trip About two weeks before a short stretch of time off, I sent Brittany a short list of 3 – 4 day trips that we might […]

Markhor – Needle Enchainment

The Vitals Date: July 23, 2016 Location: Coquihalla, BC Partners: Will, Christian, Riley Distance: 9 km, ~1000 m gross elevation Time: ~6.5 hours The Trip Will and Peter were in town and I wanted to do a good scramble somewhere I hadn’t been before. Since Will had taken Peter up the Chief on Friday, he […]